New World is literally incredible. And we do not refer to their tremendous success from the first days in Steam, but to the investment things that are happening within the game. The players have been taking advantage of errors to win wars of clans, but now they face a major war: a monetary crisis .

The popular MMORPG of Amazon Games suffers a serious problem of deflation , as they point out in Playrauctions. This means that your currency has won too much value, a strange case since what happens is the opposite (inflation). The main problem is that there is more money coming out of the circulation than that which can be replaced.

Golden amounts obtained are not sufficient at the moment The high manufacturing cost, as well as the purchase of houses, makes users they can not accumulate many coins , and the benefits to obtain are few due to which there are few sources to get gold in relation to demand. You can steal enemies, loot areas and complete missions, but the amounts obtained are not sufficient for the time being, if we ignore those who have used an exploit to take advantage of it.

Deflation is leading to the players of some servers to dedicate themselves to barter , because the price of objects has come down, since the currency is worth more and you have to deliver less for each one. Something definitely curious, but it seems a good way to get what is necessary while a future solution arrives or is simply resolved with the passage of time.

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Beyond all these conflicts, New World continues to update with new functions, such as the expected transfer of characters between servers that has been implemented this week. The title has become Amazon s spearhead in the industry, which will now look more ambitious projects once you have seen the results obtained with this case.

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