Someone gavin has seen? An Englishman called Gavin? Oh, please, you have seen Gavin. Nigel, who runs through the game and desperately seeks his friend Gavin, is one of the most popular Red Dead Redemption 2 Memes. At the same time, the case is one of the biggest puzzles. So far, it was just like Nigel: nobody could find Gavin. Despite extensive search. Why a fan is convinced that I have solved the puzzle, we ll tell you here.

Searched and found?

It s about it: In the world of RDR2 are heaps of big and small stories hidden. These include those who have a very clear resolution, but also many who remain puzzling despite the greatest community efforts. The latter applies to the disappeared Gavin. In the game, we meet again and again on his friend Nigel, who is desperately seeking the Englishman, but never find.

Search action: Many fans already accepted Nigels s thing and started a large-scale search. Even in the code of the game, it was dug, but this did not contain any NPC named Gavin or any indication of an event we can find it. At some point the theory came up, Nigel himself was Gavin – and some fans are still convinced, while others are trying to refute the conclusion.

Now a fan has made a new discovery: Donturbaround1 reports on reddit from a corpse. The fan is ridden to an X on the map, which marked a lifeless body as usual. In the wild-west setting of RDR2, it is nothing special to stumble over corpses, but Donturbaround1 has noticed something at this dead: This guy has a very similar outfit like Nigel. The fan concludes that it must be Gavin.

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Community reacts skeptical

What leads denturnaround1 is not to be denied: the clothes of both NPCs is similar and it may well be that rock star wants to tell us something. Of course, it would be just logical that Nigel Gavin can not find if this dead is in a bush.

Nevertheless, many fans have their doubts about this fan theory. Giacco uses:

This is just a random event that I have experienced several times in different places of the map.

The Mystery of Gavin Explained (Red Dead Redemption 2)

DONTURNAROUND1 is not finished with the topic yet and has the following idea:

I may bring this body to a city to see what happens.

\ – Anarchaeopteryx– Designs a scene:

-Hallo, I brought you a corpse. Thought, it could be Gavin.

-The is not gavin.

-Oh … well, you can still have them!

Unfortunately, it is not to be assumed that this dialogue has done to the game. The clothes of the dead, which is similar, but not exactly similar from Nigel, does not convince most fans. They prefer to stay with their previous theories. However, above all, it is fascinating that the topic Gavin is still discussed.

Do you think it s a significant discovery or just the imaginative interpretation of a fan? And which gavin theory is your favorite?