After lifting the veil on three of the destinations of the game, the director of the Emil Pagliarulo design is back to present us a little more Starfield, but still in the form of illustrations.

Konsoll 2019: Emil Pagliarulo - Designing the Cities of Skyrim

No question of overlooking over time for this new license supposed to go out in just over a year, November 11, 2022, on Xbox Series and PC. The video of the day brings us a portrait of the colonial systems, including its factions and threats, while recalling the mission of the organization for which the player will work in the game. Maybe we will have the right to a first preview to the GAME Awards?

The game goes in 2330, in a small corner of the Milky Way, within an area that extends about 50 light-years of our solar system. About 20 years before the start of the game, the two main Factions of the colonial systems, the colonial union and the Confederation Liber Astra, were engaged in the bloody colonial war. Since then, the factions take advantage of a fragile peace, but the colonial systems remain dangerous. There remains many human threats, like the Mercenaries of Eclipse, the violent Sidérians, the pirates of the scarlet fleet or even the religious fanatics of the Maison Va ruun. The organization called Constellation s mission is to discover the mysteries of the galaxy. And, being one of Its new members, you will explore the darkest corners of colonial systems and you will be at home in Starfield.