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The Crysis Trilogy includes according to Crytek:

CRSIS (Buy Now 29,99 €) Remastered :
A simple rescue mission develops to the murderous war as an alien conqueror overrun an island chain near North Korea. The super soldier nomad , equipped with a powerful nanosuit with improved speed, armor and camouflage shell properties, opposes you. With a wide arsenal of modular weapon technology, players can customize their tactics and their equipment to their playing style to dominate their enemies in a huge sandbox world.

The aliens return to a world destroyed by climate change. When the invaders are going to destroy New York City and ultimately threatens the extinction of all humanity, only Alcatraz and his suit are in their way. Equipped with the improved Nanosuit 2.0, players can modify their suit and their weapons in real time and unlock powerful skills to secure the survival of humanity.

New York City has turned into a spacious rainforest in the middle of the debris, protects from a gigantic nanodome. Prophet has to assert itself against human and extraterrestrial forces and fight through seven unique districts. Thanks to the superior technology of the Nanosuit, it is free, whether he decides on crude violence or for Stealth to achieve his goals. With the deadly predator bow at its side, it will be easy in any case.

We are very pleased to announce the return of the iconic Crysis games in a single bundle, prepared for a new hardware generation, steffen Halfig, the project manager. Each game has been improved so as not only to look beautiful, but also to play – and that on the platforms of today. We all want to enable both new players and fans of the first hour, the classic adventures of CRSSIS To experience in the best quality again.

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