Massimiliano Allegri put again at Juventus on a 4-4-2, but changed four times compared to the victory in the city of City Cyonious: DE LEIGT and Alex Sandro on the bench replaced by De Sciglio and Bonucci were replaced by De Sciglio and Bonucci. In the midfield Bentancur and Cuadrado came for the former Schalke McKennie and Rabiot. At the Roma José Mourinho exchanged twice after the victory against Empoli and started with Roger Ibanez for Smalling in the internal defense and crestant in the midfield center for Darboe.

Rome starts good, Juventus meets freezing cold

The guests from the capital started strongly in the game and were the offensive more active team in the first few minutes, but despite two dangerous opportunities of Mancini not rewarded for standards. However, Juve came into play in the game and provoked long strands of guests through high pressing, which often ended in ball losses. After a good quarter of an hour, the old lady then hit ice cold and use directly the first opportunity to guide through Kean.

Orsato whistles too early

In the episode, the game changed significantly. The households played very controlled and acted against the ball compact without promising the second goal. The Romans acted specifically after leaving the injured Zaniolo, who had repeatedly overcome the Pressing of the Turin at the beginning of the game, hard with the defensive of the men from Piedmont.

So it had to be a mistake of the actually safe defense series of the old lady, in which Abraham achieved the compensation – but he had not existed, because referees Daniele Orsato had made a board of Szczesny against Mkhitaryan before the ball was over the line. The due penalty was awarded the actually safe protectors Veretout, as Szczesny dipped in the right corner and ironed out his mistake. A stressed sticking point of the game, which will probably pull discussions.

Allegris defense against harmless Romans safe

After the half-time whistle, the northern Italy first came in motion, but did not use any opportunities by Kean (49.), de Sciglio (52.) or Bernardeschi (64.) to the second goal. Then the second passage of the first half. Again, Turin was good and left the captain little space, which thus needed just under 20 minutes to be dangerous for the first time by a distance shot of Veretout (67.) and a few minutes later, the best way to play through Vina (73nd), but the strongly reacting Szczesny failed. In the final phase, the will of the capitals was quite recognizable, but the black and white bulwerk kept sovereign and did not make clear opportunities for the actors of Mourinho.

Juventus Turin climbs on the seventh place at Inter Milan before the coming game, while the Romans miss the jump on the third rank and received with a defeat in the luggage the soil flawless leaders from Naples.