After months of collected negligence and a lack of content in red dead online , Rockstar Games has finally published a new pulling update. The role of naturalist can give you a lot to do for the moment, but it s if you can even enter.

The servers of all Rockstar games are not exactly known for their reliability, but since the launch of the update 1.20 on July 28, some rdo players experienced an increase in error codes that even prevent them from playing. Game.

Why can not I join a Red Dead Online session

We frequently receive the error 0x40003002, but it seems that there is a multitude of error codes that people encounter by trying to start Red Dead online . Most often, this happens after a prolonged loading sequence, or just a few seconds after having apparently started a session. Rockstar assistance currently says that the state of the service is correct, but it is clearly not the case.

Curiously, the July 28 patch was supposed to reduce the frequency of this type of error. The problem seems to be a connectivity problem, but we have not found a solution yet. We were able to enter the occasion – and some players found that they could join a session by specifying a specific area to move freely or joining a series playlist – but even if you participate for a moment. There is no guarantee that it will last a long time. This is not usually the case.

Let s hope that Rockstar Games will soon be able to solve this problem so that we can all start studying some animals again. Until then, however, we can all put our clown costumes.