Although warmly welcomed at its release a month ago for its catchy concept and its many qualities, Deathloop is a sufficiently complex game to be entitled to additional retouching. This is how Bethesda has deployed yesterday the first major update of the title developed by Arkane Lyon.

As can be seen by the patch notes detailed below, each platform inherits about fifteen fixes and improvements. Certain points are common to both platforms, such as improved travel and response of NPCs against the player, improving performance and stability when Ray-Traning is enabled or improved the quality of the mix Audio. The developers have also reworked Aleksis Dorsey s reactions to make the animal simpler to identify among the guests of his small masked nightware.

Some points specifically concern the PS5 (such as the improvement of the vibrations of the Dualsense controller or the addition of the HDR calibration screen) and others the PC (such as the DLSS and audio support on the Dualsense controller ) Note that the update is 5 GB on PS5 and 11GB on PC, which probably has less relationship with the contents with the performance of the Sony Interactive Entertainment machine compression system.

Playstation 5