The Japanese online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV became the most profitable part of the series for Square Enix and now recorded over 24 million players on PlayStation and PC.

And the numbers could be even higher when the game would be available on Xbox consoles.

But so far, Square Enix and Microsoft have not succeeded in bringing the game to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

In February, it still said that it was more missing capacities to implement an Xbox version. In any case, Microsoft would not put the developer in the way.

Easy Allies spoke in an interview now over the possible Xbox version with Naoki Yoshida, the Director and Producer of the game.

Yoshida initially apologized for missing news on this topic. But one is still in positive conversations with Microsoft to bring the game into the ecosystem.

He could say much more about this topic, but the time is not right.

So there is still hope that Final Fantasy XIV also appears on Xbox consoles.