The working papers with the three on leave Wizard Achim Beierlorzer and Sandro Schwarz had loaded a long time the budget of Mainz 05, so that is over now. Late last week the contract with Jan-Moritz Lichte, the 2020/21 even eleven Bundesliga matches was amicably resolved as head coach acted as stated in the official announcement. Last night, the Turkish Football Association finally announced that the 41-year-old on a three-year contract as assistant coach of national team coach Stefan Kuntz.

Back in June was the contract with Achim Beierlorzer (53), which also ran until 2022, has been resolved, so that the football coach may return as an assistant coach to RB Leipzig. The terminations of Beierlorzer and light relieve the budget of Mainz 05 after Sandro information by around 750,000 euros.

Michael Falkenmayer found near Mainz 05 since this summer a new job. The former assistant coach of Beierlorzer, black and light was released in late December 2020th The 38-year-old former Mainz professional now working in Scouting. The same applies 05 professional ex-Michael Thurk (45), was the wizard of black. After expiry of his assistant coach contract Thurk mid 2021 also signed as a scout.

The new head coach Bo Svensson took over from the former coaching staff only Patrick Kaniuth (36) as an assistant and Stephan Kuhnert (61) as a goalkeeper coach. 05 veteran Kuhnert belongs to the FSV coach team since 1998th In addition brought Svensson Babak Keyhanfar (36) from FC Liefering, who had followed the Danes beginning in 2020 from Mainz to Austria.