Mr. Yoshi. (@ YOSHI 6054) of the free model has released Emil Head created at the request of Square Enix.

Emil head with Nee Replicant and Nee Alle Repel and Emil in the head of Emil , Emil head that Mr. Yoko Otarou is covered at the event of the event. This is a complete new and seven new.

Emil heads with outstanding one or more are a total of seven …… The images collected in one place are unusual atmosphere. During production, the finished product was put in the Room of the Bedroom , It was crazy and very good good good good good good goodness to sleep while watching Emil as a day on the day day. I m talking about a light Japanese horror.

Mr. Yoshi. At the time of Platinum Games, he joined and his first work since he was assigned to the Near team was Emil Head production. And the first work after becoming a freelance is also the emir head production this time, and Emile is a great deal of life with an edge with an edge .

Comparison with Emil Heads produced in the newcomer age also released. You can see that the person also has increased the loveliness as a whole.

This Emil head is this time, but two for Yoko Otarou, five are produced for present. Near and Drag On Dragoon series, Mr. Yosuke Saito, Mr. Hijuke Saito, Mr. Keizu Okabe, Mr. Keiji Fujisaka, etc. is presented in the promise of Voice of Cards Dragon s island campaign, etc. Please check the official site etc. for details.