The seed dealer and golf enthusiast Samuel Ryder from England was the namesake and donor of the trophy to play the 1927 in Worcester (USA) for the first time.

Until 1971, only the US and Great Britain set the teams, Rest Europe is only since 1979. The defending champion is sufficient at 28 points, which will be awarded for three days (16 at the quads, 12 at the individually), a draw to victory. The challenger must reach at least a 14.5: 13.5.

Fourball and Foursome – What is it?

In each four Fourball (Bestball) and Foursomes matches on Friday and Saturday, two players in the team will contact each other. In the Fourball everyone plays his own ball to the hole. The lowest key result is considered a hole profit with 1: 0 for the successful team – at Remis with 0.5: 0.5 shared . This also applies to the classic foursome (Foursomes), where the team players take turns a shared ball to the hole.

Also in the twelve individually on Sunday, every hole win in the game man against man gives a point. If the player is for example after the 16th green with three more recovered holes, the match is terminated after the counting method 3 and 2 (3 points in front, but only 2 holes to play) prematurely. If the win is only decided on the 18th hole, the rating is 1 .