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Is de Ligt currently advertised to the protection employer of Bayern?

Possibly the most crucial indication is the body movement and also the perspective of the 22-year-old in the exercise devices under head coach Julian Nagelsmann. De Ligt draws totally, shows a hundred percent will certainly and complete physical effort. For these qualities, the Munich team made him the second most tax obligation protector in the club’s history.

According to a picture, the Dutch was already advertised to the supposed A group on Tuesday. During a video game form in group training, he acted with each other with Alphonso Davies, Benjamin Pavard and Dayot Upamecano in the protection chain. Very feasible that this line-up will likewise begin against VfL Wolfsburg (from 5:30 p.m.) following Sunday and will remain in the training sessions today.

For 2 and a half weeks, Matthijs de Ligt has been situated in FC Bayern squad. The German football champ had moved the central defender to Juventus Turin to Munich for 67 million euros. De Ligt is still awaiting his beginning eleven debut for Bayern. At the start of the training week, however, the signs that this would certainly soon hold true.

Nagelsmann convinced of the top qualities of de Ligts

So much, de Ligt has actually been replaced two times, in the Bundesliga he was allowed to take part for virtually 10 mins at 5: 1. Currently the 38-time nationwide gamer is shedding to his promotion to a defense boss at Bayern.

If it goes to the Ligt, he has long given that awaited this job. He stood out loudly on the training ground recently and also intends to function out his standing with the German record champions promptly.

Head coach Julian Nagelsmann recently claimed: He will certainly be an extremely vital gamer for us. Just how he trains throughout training with every activity. He still needs some time.

For 2 as well as a half weeks, Matthijs de Ligt has been situated in FC Bayern squad. De Ligt is still waiting for his beginning eleven debut for Bayern. De Ligt draws totally, shows a hundred percent will and also full physical effort.

Nexon Games First Desendant new teaser unveiled

The new trailer teaser of Nexon Games’ new root shooter ‘First Desendant’ was released today (8th).

The new teaser unveiled this time is a 40-second, and you can get a glimpse of the worldview and spectacular shooting action. The teaser, which began with the snow mountain, is soon shifted into a structure. In the center of the frozen structure, there is a huge brain, and there are successors around them. The video then goes to the successor. From the first public trailer, a character with a gauntlet with a presence, as well as a character with special courage to a female character who is supposed to be a sorcerer. Each of them has a variety of appearance and features.

At the time of leaving 10 seconds in the second half, you can check some of the shooting action of ‘First Desendant’. In addition to using guns and skills with guns and skills, there are scenes that use the grappling hook to cross the terrain, the battle with the enemy, and the powerful skills.

‘First Desendant’ was first unveiled through ‘2021 Nexon Media Showcase’. At the time, Park Yong-hyun, CEO of Net Games (currently Nexon Games), said, We will melt the accumulated experience in Nexon’s RPG in the third person. We plan to create sustainable online RPGs through.

Although it is not contained in this teaser, there are huge bosses in the game that stimulates the desire to challenge. Giant bosses can be attacked with four-person coop play, and it is expected to require high team play because it is necessary to target gimmicks such as destroying parts or extracting parts of the body.

Meanwhile, Nexon Games announced the change of the Steam beta service schedule on the 5th. The beta service schedule of ‘First Desendant’, which was originally scheduled to start on September 28, was pushed down to October 20, which was pushed for about a month. Currently, ‘First Desendant’ is in advance through the Steam page.

Lastly, Nexon Games added that it will release the teaser video and will release the full version of the official trailer later.

Red Dead Redemption: Marstons audio speaker would certainly be offered for a remaster

As several sources report, nonetheless, those responsible for the workshop needs to have determined to pause the advancement of the two new versions in order to have the ability to completely devote themselves to the advancement or conclusion of Grand Theft Auto 6. With Rob Wiethoff, an old colleague was now clinking into the supposition and conversations about the possible remaster of Red Dead Redemption.

In the previous couple of weeks, the rumor has lingered that the developers of Rockstar Games have actually on the other hand functioned on Remasters of both open globe standards Grand Theft Auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption.

At Wiethoff we are dealing with the voice actor that lent his distinct voice to the protagonist John Marston.

concurrent speaker comments on completion of Red Dead Online

At the announced end of the assistance of Red Dead Online and also the responses of the neighborhood, which, to name a few points, prepared an online funeral service for the multiplayer title, included John Marston’s voice that it was obviously a shame for the neighborhood that the title was not is additional supported. On the various other hand, it can be presumed that Superstar Gaming additionally provides wonderful things with the upcoming projects of the studio in which the community will certainly drop in love.

Wiethoff additionally seems to recognize absolutely nothing more about Red Dead Redemption concerning a remaster. Whether it is concerning the remaster or not something entirely various. If you did that, it would be excellent, Wiethoff to a feasible remaster.

Further records on the topic :

Further records concerning Red Dead Redemption.

Source: Thegamespoof
| Red Dead Redemption & GTA 4: Remaster placed on hold as a result of GTA 6? | Red Dead Redemption 2: According to Expert, proceeded prepared for the PS5-part 1 & GTA 4?

As Rob Wiethoff ensured in an interview with Dan Allen Pc Gaming, he would definitely be offered once more as an audio speaker. Wiethoff likewise appears to know nothing even more regarding Red Dead Redemption regarding a remaster. Whether it is about the remaster or not something entirely different. If you did that, it would certainly be excellent, Wiethoff to a possible remaster.


The individuals in charge of Superstar Gamings or Take-Two Interactive have not yet intended to discuss the persistent reports concerning the possible remaster of Red Dead Redemption.

Rollerdrome, the definition of Gimmick and good advertising within the video game

For a couple of weeks I have been able to play Rollerdrome , the new Roll 7 video game, the study behind the great Olli Olli World. Just half a year will help them to launch an additional title with the displacement on wheels, although this time it is something quite different from the precious February skate game.

It is no longer that we change the skateboard for a couple of skates, it is now the thing becomes much more violent. If you jump exploring the proposal of the third title in the Olli Olli saga, we move on to a fictional sport in which firearms shake hands with extreme sport tricks. Something likeTony Hawk Meets Serious Sam _.

This is not an analysis, not even impressions, although we can ventilate that aspect in a phrase: it is a notable game, with a very well brought visual aspect and very ingenious mechanics. However, what has made me think Rollerdrome, even that in himself, is how video games are created. And more specifically in a concept that is spoken a lot, but it is explained little: the gimmick .

Some previous concepts


Gimmick is a word widely used in the video game industry, but also has its echoes in literature, cinema or other arts. Although he was born with some negative connotation, especially to designate fevers such as movement by movement, cameras such as Kinect or other tremendously colorful added, but largely little successful, reality does not have to be.

The most common error is to take a mechanics of a video game like gimmick, but being able to be a mechanic, it may be many more things. The official definition isa trick or a device created to attract attention, advertise or sell , something that makes a lot of sense if its interesting and supposed origin is commented: it comes from the word _gimac, an anagram of the word magic, Magic in English. The magicians and traders used it in the 1910-1920 decades to attract attention to the public.

Although we all understand advertising as something bad, and if we use the most current and voracious definition, which seeks to generate needs that consumers do not have, we have a tool against democracy and the informed decision making. Could we say that the appetizing hamburgers of fast food chains are a gimmick, and that the something more chuchirrias that arrive at our table is why the gimmicks fall badly? Well, we could.

But let’s think about video games again. Although it is usually associated with the gimmicks with a mechanics, and being able to be, the reality is that it does not have to. The gimmick can appear in many areas of the video game, and it is even possible that it is also the idea of which the title is born. From the do a roguelike of prayers in a monastery, going through a game of cards with aesthetics of the drawings of the 20s, to every time I jump, the game accelerates 10%. If the idea is central enough to be the main claim, it is possible.

The gimmick well of rollerdrome

A gimmick may well be something integral to the title, that is a commercial hook, and that also works great once we put ourselves at the controls. Well, I think that is just what happens with Rollerdrome . The Roll7 title presents a mechanics like gimmick, also taking it to fruition: To recharge our weapons we will need to do all kinds of tricks. In fact, as complicated as they are, we will get more bullets.

This is the key idea that defines the game, its main claim when proposing something different, and the glue that joins the two genera used . It is the perfect union of foundational idea, nuclear mechanics to development (as a creation process) and development (as a progression within the video game), as well as a gimmick with which to call attention.

Plaion: Koch Media becomes Plaion

Plaion is an assurance to provide our clients exceptional entertainment. I am pleased as well as happy to continue our path as a plaion, concluded Kundratitz.

The teams at Plaion have actually established themselves the task of offering unique entertainment experiences and also having purposeful discussions with their customers by connecting them to any type of means with their material in any kind of method.

The brand-new name additionally features the brand-new name, a brand-new logo that signifies the interactive play switch, the abstract P inside as a representation of the new name as well as the quantity, which symbolizes the extensive and linking duty as a leading company in the electronic amusement ecosystem.

Kundratitz adds: Our new name uses us the chance to develop top-notch service on our rich history as a publishing partner and our superior, continuously expanding network of first-class growth workshops and innovative people, to remain to offer our companions first-class service as international gamers in to highlight the show business, yet likewise to transform ourselves. Our vision is to equip and also motivate our global groups and companions and also to release their complete possibility.

Koch Media GmbH has actually introduced that all Koch Media companies are now being renamed Plaion worldwide, gone along with by full rebranding.

Klemens Kundratitz, founder and also chief executive officer of Plaion, describes: In the previous 28 years, we have actually developed up an exceptionally strong firm that deals with most of the best-known names in the market. Because we joined the Embracer Group in 2018, development has actually accelerated and also we have actually significantly diversified. We have actually chosen our brand-new name to reflect the web content of our business and also our around the world growth, but also to show that we are and also what we are going.

God of War: Fan remake for the PS5 inspires the Web

The teased graphic designers from TeaserPlay have once more invoked and released an idea trailer for a feasible remake of God of War. We introduce you to the impressive video and summarize the responses of the neighborhood.

God of War: The remake might look so stunning

And also although the original was an actual feast at the eye at the time, a whole lot has taken place in the previous 17 years. This proves the brand-new video clip of intro play. With the aid of the Unreal Engine 5 , the workshop produced a remake of the PS2 classic .

On November 9, 2022, God of War Ragnarök will be launched by the next component of the popular gods saga, which currently brings it to 6 almosts all and also 3 spin-offs. It started with God of War in 2005 for PlayStation 2.

_ Diesen principle trailer, of program, we don’t wish to hold back from you: _

Fans of the original will surely recognize the many locations from the trailer immediately. And also The old layout of god massacre Kratos radiates in brand-new natural beauty. If the complete beard of the present components is shateringly missing out on, even.

In enhancement, the focus of the trailer is mainly on the systematic illumination impacts, the reflections and the brand-new skin textures , which now likewise reveal pores as well as the finest hair. Pay special attention to the eyebrows of Kratos or the magnificent beard of Zeus.

teaserplay makes computer game dreams happened

In any kind of instance, the community is drastically impressed by the brand-new versions and showered the workshop with appreciation. In concept, teaser play makes computer game dreams come real and the followers appreciate this as necessary. Even if most of these videos will never be even more than a pure idea.

If you can not obtain enough of the video for the God-of-War remake, after that you need to additionally see the various other teaser play trailers. On the YouTube channel you can likewise discover follower remakes for Local Wickedness 4, Red Dead Redemption or Max Payne.

As well as likewise The old layout of god massacre Kratos shines in brand-new natural beauty. In any type of case, the community is drastically thrilled by the brand-new versions and showered the workshop with appreciation.

The teased graphic designers from TeaserPlay have as soon as again raised up and released an idea trailer for a feasible remake of God of War. With the help of the Unreal Engine 5 , the studio produced a remake of the PS2 timeless **.

Yet there are additionally concept trailers for fictional games. Among them is an open globe ready the cult collection Damaging Negative ** or a Japanese Assassin’s Creed.

How to identify Mayling in phasmophobia – all evidence and tips

Minging is a ghost suffering from phasmophobia, with two specific behaviors. The parabolic microphone can display the strange sounds of the Mayling to the player holding him. They say that mining behaves quieter during the hunt, but this fact is misleading players who do not know how this mechanics works. Here’s how to identify mining in phasmophobia.

All evidence of Mayling in phasmophobia

Minging A unique set of evidence includes EMF 5 , fingerprints and ghostly letter . The ghost can also produce more noise in Parabox microphone than other types of ghosts. The steps of mining can also be heard only at a certain distance, which makes the shelter from the ghost very effective in determining what it is.

The strengths and weaknesses of Myling and what they mean for phasmophobia

mining x strengths and also weak sides are written in the magazine as:


Strength *-It is known that mining behaves quieter during the hunt.
weakness *-Malings more often make paranormal sounds.

The power of mining belongs to the fact that the steps of the ghost disappear faster than other ghosts. About 9 meters , the steps of the mining will begin to subside and in the end will become inaudible further. They disappear faster than any other ghost, which makes him useless when trying to identify Mayling.

Related: How to determine the shade of phasmophobia-all evidence and tips

The weakness of the Mayling refers to its higher frequency in the reproduction of sounds when listening through parabolic microphone . Each ghost can make these sounds, but mining makes them more often than other ghosts. Banshee has a chance to make a very unique sound in a parabolic microphone, which distinguishes it from other ghosts, and it cannot be confused with the mining when he is heard.

Tips for identifying mining in phasmophobia

Minging does not behave strange until the players try to listen to it through parabolic microphone or listen to its steps while he hunting . All ghosts can produce paranormal sounds through a parabolic microphone, but Myling will do this more often. As for the sound of Malling’s steps, the players will have to wait for his hunt. During the hunt, players can hide near the ghost room and try to eavesdrop on when the steps of the ghost will become inaudible. If the steps of the ghost are still heard after 9 meters this is not mailing.

To obtain additional guidelines for phasmophobia, read the section How to identify the Revenant under phasmophobia-all evidence and tips in the guidelines for professional games.

FC Liverpool | Klopp in Rage: Qatar

This World Cup takes location at an incorrect time, for incorrect reasons, stated the starting coach of the English runner-up FC Liverpool and included with a paradoxical undertone: Yet everything is fine…

Jürgen Klopp sharply criticized the honor of the World Cup to Qatar as well as knocked the overload of the expert gamers.

One had to state clearly: Ladies and gents, FIFA, UEFA: Stop!, Klopp proceeds. The former Dortmund master coach brought a meeting of all crucial people in expert football, which should just have to do with the most integral part of the game: The players.

The World Cup in the desert state of Qatar begins on November 21, the last is on December 18. As a result of the snugly tackled schedule, there will certainly be many English weeks until the World Cup start in the organizations and also the European Cup competitors. Qatar is additionally very slammed for civils rights offenses and handling foreign workers.

He would certainly be really mad when he thinks concerning the enormous worries of the nationwide players this uncommon period with the World Cup in November and also December, included Klopp (55 ): Every person knows that it is not correct. Yet nobody speak about it usually sufficient that it will certainly change. Something has to alter..

The handling of this problem is reminiscent of the Liverpool trainer of the climate crisis. Likewise on this topic, everyone knew that we need to transform something, just pass also little.

Tower of Fantasy Cocoritter – abilities, weapons and gameplay

In Tower of Fantasy, players are exploring the fantasy science fiction world of Aida. You control a set of characters and simulacra, participating in exciting, rapid battles. One Simulacra, which you can unlock, is Cocoritter. This may make you think about the abilities, weapons and much more Cocoritter in Tower of Fantasy.

Who is the Cocoritter in Tower of Fantasy?


Cocoritter is a simulacrum that may trust others too much. Sometimes her innocence can lead her to trouble, but she compensates for her determination to use her healing forces to save everyone who is next to her. A remarkable aspect of her appearance is two eyes of different colors.

How to get a cocoritter in Tower of Fantasy

Cocoritter will most likely be unlocked through the in-game scrap. Hotta Studio has not yet disclosed information about how the GACHA system will work, so we do not have information for this issue. We will update this leadership as soon as the relevant information appears, so be sure to return to find the answer to your question.

Tower of Fantasy Cocoritter gameplay-weapons, abilities and skills

At the moment, we still do not know the exact skills and abilities of Cocoritter, but Hotta Studio briefly teased her set. Gameplay clip through the official fantasy tower page on Twitter. Cocoritter, apparently, uses the mixture recovery , ice and also lightning attack. These include abilities with one goal and Ao-Aatika. In addition, her attacks also give her a good range of mobility.

To obtain additional information about Tower of Fantasy, read the Tower of Fantasy trailer, demonstrating the common open world and multiplayer gaming process, as well as with a viewing of Tower of Fantasy launching events before graduating in games for professionals.

On Friday, Amazing Bomberman brings music videos and rhythm changing arena

The bomberman series will continue on Friday this week at Apple Arcade.
Amazing Bomberman changes the bomb balances that have become familiar over the years with music videos that make the field live and change.
As far as the selection of music is concerned, there are themes familiar from bomberman games as well as other songs.
Boming can be done either as a solo or with four players online.


More information on Konam’s website, here.
Konami previously announced that it would close super Bomberman R online servers on December 1st.

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