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Rees feels great and sprints in third place

Sees offered the German group the third podium with his third location at the World Cup begin in Finland.
The 29-year-old remained flawless on Saturday at the shooting range and, after 10 kilometers, only needed to quit the 2 Norwegians Johannes Thingies BO and Stella Hold Agreed.
I felt good, and the skis were world-class. Somehow surprising, however somehow it also fits since I feel comfy on the track and at the shooting variety, stated Sees in the ARD.


David Nobel as 3rd in the opening single and the season in second location had formerly given the team of national coach Mark Kirchner the first successes of the new winter.

In his 53rd World Cup success, the four-time Beijing Olympic champion BO, regardless of a charge round, referred his perfect colleague to 2nd with a 10.5 seconds.
Sees was 28.8 seconds behind BO and has a very excellent starting position for the persecution on Sunday (12.15 p.m./ Live! At ).
For Rees, it was the 2nd World Cup podium of his profession.
The other Germans also encouraged: David Nobel (1 shooting error/ +1: 06.4, 8th location), Benedict Doll (2/ +1: 11.2, 11th place) and Johannes Kuhn (2/ +1: 15.9, 12th location) arrived 20, also Justus Strew (0/ +1: 25.8, 17th location) revealed a strong race.
Philipp Na wrath (30th place) made 2 shooting errors.
Outstanding, now we can both eagerly anticipate, stated Nobel, who had actually described fourth location by 1.6 seconds at the start of Sees.
The 26-year-old persuaded once again.
I was a bit anxious, however less than with the individual. You can be frustrated about the last mistake, but general I am satisfied, stated Nobel, who had actually only secured his World Cup starting site for Finland in the excretion races.
The race in the ticker

Street Fighter 6 will have a new beta closed in December

Cap com announced on the night of Wednesday (30) the date of the second closed beta of Street Fighter 6, which will be available only for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC. Beta will be available to selected players via drawing from 16 to 19 December, and registration is now open on the official Street Fighter 6 website.

In a post made on the official blog of the game, Cap com indicated that it will be more rigorous in the process of concession of key access to the game, as some players sold codes of the first beta. Now, people who are registered to participate in the closed beta should link the platforms in which they will play Cap com ID.

As the players contemplated by Beta will be drawn, simple registration does not guarantee access to beta. On the other hand, all the people who participated in the first beta are already automatically approved for the second.


In all, eight characters will be available in this second Street Fighter 6 Beta: BYU, Ken, Chung, Guile, Jury, Luke, Jamie and Kimberly. During Beta, players will have access to character creation modes, ranked matches, casual matches, battle center matches, open tournaments, training mode, central store, extreme battles, game center, challenges, DJ cabin and Photo point. In addition, six stages available during beta: Metro City Downtown, Gen bu Temple, Carrier Byron Taylor, Than Hong Yuan, The Male Ring and Training Room.

Street Fighter 6 arrives in 2023, still without a set date, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and PC. The starting cast of the game will have 18 characters, and the first season pass should count, according to a leakage list, with 4 other fighters: Rashid, Ed, Aka and A.K.I., the unpublished character in the franchise.

How to get Scream Tail in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Scream Tail can be caught in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet after its appearance is unlocked in the main story campaign Gen 9. That’s all you need to know to find and catch the charming ancient form of Paradox Jiggly puff.


Where to find Scream Tail (Paradox Jiggly puff) in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Scream Tail is not available to the end of the game, since first you will need to go through the Victory Road, Star fall Street and Path of Legends campaigns. After the completion of three storylines you will fall into the zone zero, where you can find Pokémon Paradox Scarlet and Wales. The screaming tail only gives rise to the Great Crater of Pale, and becomes available for capture after you turned on the research station No. 3 in the plot. After unlock Scream Tail, you can find in the place below.

Где находится место появления Кричащего Хвоста в Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Unlike other Paradox Pokémon, Scream Tail actually appears throughout the Great Pale crater. Nevertheless, a guaranteed way to find fanged jiglipuff is to use a point of fast movement of zero gates under the city of a medal. Having entered the goal, use the green portal in the middle of the room and teleport to the research station No. 4. Outside the scientific laboratory, you will find many places of appearance of a screaming tail across the cave. Just take a walk along the rocky corridors, and you will find Paradox Pokémon groups that wander around the world at 58. The screaming tail is Pokémon Scarlet’s Exclusions, so Pokémon Violet users will need to trade with another player to get the ancient Jiggly puff.

To obtain additional information about Pokémon Scarlet and Wales, check where to find the paradox of the roaring moon Sal amen here in Pro Game Guides.

The best nature of Tandemaus in scarlet and purple Pokemon

Naturals define the strength and general weakness of a Pokémon, specifically with its statistics. Some Pokémon are more defensive than others, so they will want a defense-centered nature. The same applies to offensive Pokémon, such as Landmass, who will want a nature centered on the offensive. So today, we are going to discuss the best nature for Landmass in scarlet and purple Pokémon.

What is the best nature for Landmass?

As mentioned earlier, despite appearances, Landmass is a Pokémon focused on the offensive and, therefore, you will want an offensive nature. Landmass particularly has a high speed statistics, with a total of 75, which is its highest statistics in general. Therefore, we want to take advantage of this and focus on a speed nature.

Image source: The Pokémon Company through

Currently, there are four speed nature to work, Jolly, Timid, Hasty and Naive. Each of these natures increases the speed of a Pokémon but reduces another statistic.


In this case, we want to focus on the Jolly nature of Landmass, since it will increase its speed but will reduce its special attack, which is a good compensation since most Tandems movements are physical attack movements.

Therefore, the best nature in which to concentrate for Landmass is Jolly to help capitalize its high speed without reducing any of its essential statistics.

What is the best set of movements for Landmass/Household?

Image source: The Pokémon Company through

Landmass can evolve at level 25 to its final evolution, Household. Everything that has been discussed so far also applies to Household, since with the evolution, the speed of Household is triggered to 111, and with a jovial nature, it will only be higher. With this in mind, he would now like to concentrate on a set of adequate movements for him. The best set of movements for Household is:

  • Organize
  • Population pump
  • Crunch
  • Substitute

This set of movements allows Household to show its speed at full power while causing proper damage. As a support, you can use substitute, which will create a lure for Household, which will allow you to plan your next movement.

That is all you need to know about the best nature for Landmass. Be sure to consult our other guides on what all initial evolutions are or how to catch Win gull.

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World Cup 2022 okay employer Al-Thawadi shoots versus Klinsmann

It was only on Monday that Jürgen Kinsman made it clear as soon as again in a statement on Twitter how he implied his controversial statements worldwide Cup game between Wales and Iran (0: 2). However, the topic is obviously not yet over.

After Iran’s nationwide coach Carlos Quartz, who had actually scored Kinsman’s words as embarrassment for football and whose resignation from the FIFA technical study hall had required, Hassan al-Ghamdi also shot versus the 1990 world champ.

Elitist, orientalist and in a way racist

In his role as a BBC specialist on the sidelines of the game last Friday, Kinsman indicated that unreasonable game and the irreversible modifying of the referee team were part of Iranian culture. This is their culture, they make sure that you lose your focus and concentration, he had actually discussed literally.

Kinsman had previously announced that they call Quartz by phone to calm things down. He only explained the emotional habits of the Iranian players on the square, which remains in a method even admirable.

I do not wish to use the word, I will just use it when because I do not desire to give the word to the word, stated the head of the World Cup organization committee in an interview with Talk sport, but Kinsman’s words are really elitist, orientalist and in a manner racist. Do you desire to say that it was misinterpreted? He has actually shown a culture negatively.

My comments on the Wales video game against Iran were simply connected to football, Kinsman had stressed on Monday. Unfortunately, this was torn from the football context. I have a lot of Iranian good friends and was constantly complete of praise for people, their culture and their history.


Delicate language is also essential-sensibles listening: Read our current World Cup column here, which to name a few things likewise handles Kinsman’s comments

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift: How to rescue purchase bonuses and pre

Who made the reservation or simply bought Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are entitled to receive exclusive bonuses to be rescued directly in their game. To do this, you must unlock the Mystery Gift menu and enter the codes received by email or printed for physical edition.

How to unlock the Mystery Gift menu?

Like multiplayer functions, the Mystery Gift menu is unlocked when you visit your first Pokémon Center at the beginning of the adventure. Following Demon, the first center is nothing less than South Province No. 1.

At the end of the tutorial you can open your main menu with the X button and click on the Poképortal option. At the bottom, you will see Mystery Gift. Click it to select via code or password.


The list of mystery gifts to collect

Here is the list of awards that can be rescued so far. As a reminder, these are unique codes that you should recover by email in the case buy at Nintendo Shop or the game box in physical edition.

They can be obtained by Feuary 28, 2023, and must be registered before March 7, 2023.

Obtain Special Pikachu

Unlike the gift codes that offer adventure items, the specialized Flying Pikachu is obtained by clicking on the via the internet option. Nintendo Switch online signature is not required. You will receive Pikachu directly on one of the boxes on your PC.

Finally, don’t forget that four special room Phone cover are available if you have old Pokémon Saves on your Nintendo Switch console. You need to talk to you on the stairs in Mendoza.

Sandbox, K-content space Meta Toy Dragons Open

Digital Entertainment company Sandbox Network (CEO Lee Piloting) through the K-Content Space Caves (K-Verse), a global meta bus platform The Sandbox, Meta Toys Dragon, MTDZ) announced on the 25th that it has opened its experience.

CABIN is a K-content space that wants to create and consolidate Korea’s major contents and intellectual property (IP) brands. The Sandbox, which founded the Korean branch in October last year, has partnership with various contents companies such as sandbox networks and is pursuing diversification of meths content centered on Korea IP. As part of this, The Sandbox will run a CASES Mini Event with various partner companies from 24th to 7th of next month.

The Sandbox Network will be the opening member of the Cabers Mini Event based on the close partnership with The Sandbox. The Sandbox Network, which launched the PFP NFT platform metatoy dragons based on the content IP-based PFP NFT platform in March, is creating a core roadmap that creates a Web3 ecosystem centered on IP through the cooperation with the sandbox.

Since the Sandbox Network signed a partnership with the Sandbox in 2020, it has obtained the artist authority, the producer of The Sandbox in January. In addition, the company buys a large land consisting of 144 land in The Sandbox and expands the meta-toy dragons ecosystem into The Sandbox Megabus. It is being promoted.

The Sandbox Network will further embody the preliminary work to operate the permanent MTDZ land in the future through the participation in the case mini event. In addition, in collaboration with MBC, which is cooperating with the production of meth bus content, MBC offices, characters, and news desks were implemented.

The first floor of the MTDZ experience is made in the form of amusement parks. Through the MTDZ character, it is configured to perform a maze, such as a maze or a wallet, or a game (various parkour).


The first basement is composed of MBC News Desk and Gallery. Anyone who is not the MTDZ holder can access the MTDZ Land, and users are known to be able to enjoy various plays in the MTDZ experience and receive certain rewards.

Han Jang-gyeom, vice president of Sandbox Network Web3, said, This MTDZ experience open is significant in that it is the first result of the realization of the meta bus world built using MTDZ NFT. We will continue to cooperate with the box and the permanent MTDZ land construction.

Where to get all the forms of flabbee in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Flatbeds is a fabulous type Pokémon, first presented in X & Y. He has five forms that differ depending on the flower, which he holds, which led to his evolution in five different types of Fliest and Forth. Given the variety of plants and flowers around Pale, you may want to catch all five forms of flab bee in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This is where to find them.

The location of each form of flab bee in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

While the two forms of flab bee can be caught early around the postulates (the yellow flower and the red flab bee flower), it is more convenient to wait to collect all the forms of flab bee until you have access to the northern province (zone 3). This is a small area of greenery behind the Glazed Mountain. Here you can find Ortega, the leader of the Fairy style team.

The entire northern province (zone 3) is strewn with colors of different colors. To find the flab bee you need, you just need to find a floral strip that corresponds to the color of one of its five forms:

  • Red flower
  • Yellow Frisbee flower
  • Orange flower
  • Blue Globe Flower
  • White Globe flower

Just be careful. Wild Pokémon in the Northern Province (zone 3) have a level of 40 to 49, and their coaches are sometimes higher than this level. Colette, its evolutionary form, is also often found in this area. And, if you are lucky, you can see Flores surrounded by flambes.


The Northern Province (Zone 3) is also the best place for a brilliant hunt for this flowering Pokémon. Its brilliant shape has a white-violet body instead of a white-green body.

To get additional information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, check out the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The best order of the gym (the easiest route) and what is the Black Crystal Term Raid Battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Here in Pro Game Guides.

Top owner rate Freiburgs strong roots

We are, highlights Hollenbach the strong roots, this identity to train their own skills and other young players is the most essential thing. And absolutely exemplary.

The main defender duo Keven Schlotterbeck (25) and Kilian Sildillia (20), which was upgraded in Baku, was also active in the Freiburg substructure before the first expert objectives. At the age of 20 or 18, they strengthened the U 23, which was still active in the regional league, which is currently amazed as the experts. With the frequently utilized Atoll and Wagner in addition to other viewpoint players, she blends the 3rd league.

The other veteran Nicolas Howler (32) in Azerbaijan was permitted to rest on the bench, while the returned Matthias Winter (28) only defended as a Joker. Consisting of Günter, these knowledgeable top performers and former football trainees make a significant effect on the league without a doubt the highest-grown usage rate in competitive video games of 34.2 percent, but throughout the existing high-altitude flight, the youngsters also received their possibilities and that not only in Baku.

Referred to the significance of the competitors, this game was the most important of the Freiburg season so far. In doing so, she was subjected to conversations about possible distortion of competition because FC Nantes was able to pass to hibernate in these competitors with his success in the remote battle with Arab.

The video game could have gone in, due to the fact that the processes in this eleven, which never ever put together so much, could not exist. The bottom line was that our kids could in a game where the opponent had to do with everything but stand. Was an incredibly terrific experience for the club and the boys, said the sports director.

In addition, five young skills who were active for the SC at least twelve months prior to the 18th birthday were joined, although most of them significantly exceed this analytical requirement. The U-21 international Yannick Kate (22), Noah Washout (21) and Noah Atoll (20) and U-20 worldwide Robert Wagner (19) matured in and around Freiburg and many years in the SC jersey. The U-21 worldwide Kevin Shade (20), hurt at the beginning of the season, moved from Energies Cottbus to the football school in Reagan when I was 16.

The U-21 worldwide Yannick Kate (22), Noah Washout (21) and Noah Atoll (20) and U-20 worldwide Robert Wagner (19) grew up in and around Freiburg and lots of years in the SC jersey. The central defender duo Keven Schlotterbeck (25) and Kilian Sildillia (20), which was updated in Baku, was also active in the Freiburg foundation before the first expert objectives.

However, not because of that, but for another reason it was even the unique game given that summer season for SC sports director Clemens Hollenbach. Christian Stretch had actually offered eight former Freiburg football students a starting element-one outstanding number. This unique ensemble was led by captain and veteran Christian Günter (29), who has been using the SC jersey because 2007 and, due to the absence of an option at the back, the only regular was not a break.


The kids just deserved the rotation

Clemens Hollenbach

The rotation in 10 positions was not seen as the gesture of the coaching team by the young boys, but they merely deserved it, emphasizes Hollenbach with a view to the Arab video game that, unlike some rivals, Freiburg’s own plants, highlighted that the Freiburg owners, emphasized that the Freiburg game, emphasizes but are genuine alternatives.

Referred to the meaning of the competition, this game was the most crucial of the Freiburg season so far. In doing so, she was subjected to conversations about possible distortion of competitors because FC Nantes was able to pass to hibernate in this competition with his success in the remote duel with Arab.

Black Friday Buy 1, Get 1 Free GameStop Sale Nerf, Funko, MTG, Pokemon, and More

You can take a look at all of GameStop’s Black Friday 2022 offerings right here. If you liked this B1G1 offer, you may also want to take a look at 30% off Funk Pops, 25% off statues and replicas, and choose action figures for $18.99.

Store B1G1 Toys and Games at GameStop.


  • NERF LMTD Halo Needle Blaster -$99.99 (Also on sale for 30% off on Amazon).

  • NERF Aliens LMTD Aliens M41A Pulse Blaster GameStop Exclusive– $94.99.
  • Funk Pop Development Calendars -$49.99.
  • Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog Toys.
  • Pokémon Toys.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.
  • Magic: the Gathering Cards.
  • Squish mallows Toys.

GameStop has a variety of excellent deals choosing Black Friday 2022, but one of the standouts is a buy 1, get 1 complimentary sale on toys, presents, and video games. Nerf blasters, Funk Pop development calendars, Nintendo toys, Pokémon Toys, Yu-Gi-Oh! And Magic: The Collecting cards, and more are qualified, and you can shop them all right here while the sale lasts. We’ve selected some of the very best items from the sale listed below to get you began.

GameStop has a number of excellent offers going for Black Friday 2022, however one of the standouts is a buy 1, get 1 totally free sale on games, toys, and gifts. Nerf blasters, Funk Pop arrival calendars, Nintendo toys, Pokémon Toys, Yu-Gi-Oh! We’ve picked out some of the best products from the sale listed below to get you started.

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